About Us

It all started with an idea, now this venture after facing numerous hurdles and hitches finally has now taken a solid form. What we did was to solve the biggest challenge for the local shops in a city which was to outreach their previous limit of audience. Now the customers citywide can get to know what is available in their city without breaking a sweat.

As every startup aspires satisfy its customers in every way Ala 20 aims the same. Provide its customer the best service and easy management. Ala 20 will and is determined to cover and serve the whole nation by the end of year 2019.

Initiated in the year 2017, in Gwalior, a city rich with history, this startup has provided the people of Gwalior a platform to browse what's readily available in their city but had been out of their reach for so long. We have a vision of a nation tightly weaved in its relations between its sellers and buyers.